Plan & Projects


Accompanied by Jesus, Mary, Founders and Patron Saints, we journey with the Educating Community and young along the paths of conversion and communion towards love which is ‘the greatest of all’.

I. We acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the most amazing sign of God’s love, but we do not always keep him at the centre of our life and mission.

We are called to be a living memorial of Jesus’ way of living and acting.

We commit ourselves to




Discover the fascination of a personal relationship with Jesus  in the quality of life.

·  Make the prayer moments reflective, Contemplative and experiential

· Strengthen the relationship with Christ through the deeper understanding of the Word of God.

·  Conduct yoga and transcendental meditation ( CD –‘Space’)

·  Regular classes on catechetical and moral and faith formation

·  Study of ‘Youcat’. Lectio Divina in groups

· Conduct experiential prayer moments

· Regular Club meetings (once a month)

·  Regular formative staff meeting once a month.


Be reconciled with God, purifying our hearts and renewing them in love

· Healing of inner self & growing in inner freedom through prayer, reception of Sacrament of reconciliation and counseling.

· Personal conversion to love God and others by offering daily forgiveness.


Value the loving accompaniment as privileged means of discernment for personal growth in following Christ

· Availability to accompany the girls with the spirit of faith and trust

· Maintain confidentiality

· Courage to confront and have sincere dialogue.    

· Person oriented approach in the formation of the young


II. We acknowledge that in the Church, our Founders are signs of God’s love for the young and for the world, but we do not always succeed in being transparent expressions of this love.

We are called to give new lide to the da mihi animas cetera tolle of Don Bosco and to Mary Mazzarello’s response to the assignment:  I entrust them to you.

We commit ourselves to


Enhance the prophetic dimension of our vocation vitally assuming the educational spirituality of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello

· Joyful participation in the celebration of the 140th anniversary of the Foundation and 90th anniversary of the origin of FMA in India with our Mother General

· ‘Let’s Go to Mornese’ – one Week Celebration

· Constant reference to Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello in dealing with the young

· Present Don Bosco’s educative method to Teachers and students.

· Make use of the online presentation on the Educating method of Don Bosco (website)

III. We acknowledge that young people are the Father’s gift of love for us and for society, but we do not always make them feel that we love them and that they are loved by God.

We are called to be, with them, a sign and expression of the foreseeing love of God.

We commit ourselves to


Move outside of our comfort zone to be with the young, to listen to them, to share our time, to open our hearts & homes, creating family environments like those of Valdocco and Mornese

· Spend quality time with the young people and build friendly relationship with them

· Be affectionately firm

· Offer courses and seminars for the young

· Conduct various social awareness, reach out programme and make the young socially responsible. 

·  Create family environment through common recreation and spontaneous programmes

· Form the young leaders 

·  Teach them to be responsible and critical in the use of modern ways of communication.


Witness the foreseeing love of God in our ever- changing ministries & in the new educative ministries we assume, so as to reach the young where they are & to welcome them as they are

· Offer soft skill programmes, spoken English, SUPW (Social Useful Productive Work) and Education to love.

·  Evening coaching classes for the school going students of the village.


Promote a vocational youth pastoral, educating the young to mature in love, in interpersonal relationships & in social responsibility, also through volunteering.

· Credible, joyful witnessing presence

· Cordial and welcoming attitude in the community

· Conduct vocation day, families and personal contact

IV. We acknowledge that the educating community is a sign that makes God’s love visible, but at times we find it difficult to assume and share the educative mission co-responsibly.

We are called to believe that foreseeing love is more effective when we witness to it as an educating community.

We commit ourselves to


Grow in our awareness that the educating community is the way of being and working together in the style of coordination for communion and commit ourselves to consolidating the animating core group

·  Take EC Core group members into partnership in the Planning, Executing and evaluation of the educative project

·  Reporting to the EC coordinator at the end of every term

·  Animation and formation for the animating core group every term, parents meeting once a year.


Continue to offer a response to the phenomenon of humanitarian values primarily through education and formation.

· Celebrate inter religious day

· Celebrate girl child day and women’s day.

·  Celebrate peace day, Human rights day