Secretary’s Message

Dear Auxilians of Regunathapuram,

Auxilium College welcomes you to the threshold of new life, innovations, knowledge, creativity and valour.

Ignite the burning desire to be efficacious and plunge into the reality by daring to be different.

My dear students,

I wish you to celebrate success. Let the spark of excitement burn within you by celebrating every success you achieve. Whether it is a big one or a small one doesn’t matter.  Just celebrate.

Cultivate a grateful heart to appreciate the daily life events and you will find life more exciting and positive.

Every morning as you get up, say to yourself:  ‘I am the best.  Today is the best day in my life. Now is the best time to transform the lives of others.’

Our education invites us to be ignited as well as ignite the lives of others who are on the lookout for noble hearts. So celebrate all that you are and celebrate success. And successful people are those who dare to be different. This is an invitation I pose to you. ‘Dare to be different’. By being different, you are ready to challenge the norm, take a chance and make your own track, thus charting your own course and destiny.  Appreciate your uniqueness,  believe  in yourself and all that you are.

Life is full of surprises. It has its own ups and downs. But accept everyday as an opportunity to grow beyond your present barriers and circumstances. When one door closes, another opens. It opens you to new opportunities and fresh insights. So even if a day goes by dull and grey, never lose heart. You can still ignite the spark of an opportunity to be different.

At this juncture, I would like to put forth the example of an ‘Eagle’. Eagle, the king of all birds, is a symbol of beauty, bravery, courage, honour, pride, determination and grace. It has its own special characteristics which can inspire you and spur you on to great heights. 1. Eagles fly at high altitude, 2. Once they focus on their prey, they are determined to get it, 3. Eagles love to fight against the storm. Similarly, I wish you dear young women, the future mothers and visionaries of the growth of our society, to live splendidly as eagles and soar to greater heights.

Dare to be different from the others, appreciate your uniqueness and celebrate every success in your life. 

Remember the ABCD of success in life.

A – Accept the challenge

B – Believe in yourself

C – Courageously defend

D – Dare to be different

Wishing you all the best as you carry on your life’s journey with great enthusiasm and vigour.  May God bless you all!

Sr. Maria Pushpam fma
The Secretary
Auxilium College of Education for Women,