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  Counseling is best served to our students in different ways. Academic counseling is given dividing the students into groups under the guidance of a staff. The staff will take care of the student from the admission till the end of the course. Personal counseling is given by our committee members in the time of personal assistance required.

Counselling cell Committee.
1.Sr. M. Siria Pushpam
2. Dr. A.Savarimuthu
3.Sr. M. Maria Pushpam
4.Mrs. R. Radha 
5. Mrs. M. Arockia Amali



            The college has a well equipped library with more than 4500 books, volumes of encyclopedias, reference books, many journals and magazines. It caters to the student’s educational, informational and recreational needs. The Library committee meets two to three times a year to plan, propose and publish to the needs of time in development.

Library Committee

1.Dr. A.Savarimuthu
2. Sr. V. Saveriammal
3.Mrs. S. Ezhilarasi




Every year Our college arranges Citizenship Camp for five days for our B. Ed students. During these camp days, students are asked to stay in the college itself.While on stay, the day begins with Yoga practice, motivational talks by experts, social service work in and out campus, and in the evening cultural programs.
Camp Committee

1. Dr. A.Savarimuthu
2. Sr. M. Maria Pushpam
3. Sr. V. Saveriammal
4. Mrs. M. Arockia Amali
5. Miss. M. Indira
6. Mrs .N. Sudha



        Our college has talented asst.professors to train our students in various cultural activities such as Bharath Natiyam, Karakattam,Kollattam, Folk dances, western dances and all other tamil heritorial dances. Music is taught by our Music teacher. Competitions are held dividing the students into groups. Our committee members see to it that variety of entertaining functions are held at-least   once  in two months.


Cultural Committee 

1.  Sr. M. Siria Pushpam
2. Dr. A.Savarimuthu
3. Mrs. N. Sudha
4. Miss. M. Indira
5. Mrs. T. Kavitha



             Healthy women are the wealth of the nation is the motto of our college. Having most of the students as women students, number of them married also, the college caters them. The awareness of health program is arranged frequently with the help of medical team. Competitions of speech, writings, and debate are conducted to understand the gift of being a mother, patriotic women and future builders of our Indian society.

Women Welfare Committee

1. Sr. M. Siria Pushpam
2. Dr. A.Savarimuthu
3. Sr. V. Saveriammal
4. Mrs. M. Arockia Amali
5. Mrs. S. Ezhilarasi
6. Mrs. R. Mangaiyarkarasi
7. Mrs. N. Sudha