11601- Auxilium College of Education, Regunathapuram, Pudukkottai
30-09-2020 | Wednesday

01.09.2020 to 04.10.2020

Celebrating the season of creation

September 1st  2020 to October 4th 2020


We are called by the Institute to celebrate the year 2020 – “The season of creation” an annual celebration of prayer and actions for our common home. At.10.30 am, Sr.Malarjothi introduced to the staff and the second-year students about celebrating the Season of Creation. She explained the following how to practice it in our daily life through an online Google meet.


·       Initial moments getting into the idea of “Season of Creation”

§  Reading the materials sent by Sr. Runita Borgia to celebrate the season of Creation – 2020 Celebration Guide for the season of creation, PPT on the season of creation.

§  Listening to the talks on “Season of Creation” by Fr. Praveen D’ Souza OFM

§  Sharing and discussion with the parents.

§  ‘Nature Meditation’ to admire the beauty of creation .


·       Intense celebration for a week – animating the prayer moments based on nature with a specific topic framed for each day by Sr. Runita Borgia from the 2020 Celebration Guide

             1. The Greatest Commandment, Love your Neighbor

            2. Protecting the Commons

            3.There is enough for our Need, not Our Greed

            4. The Gift of Water


·       Analyzing our life style based on the recommendations given to care for the common home. These are some practical suggestions that can be practiced by all.


1.     Switching on from Electrical light to Natural light. Enjoy the sunshine more.

2.     Plant some herbs, fruits and vegetables around your houses. Cultivate Terrace Gardening.

3.     Avoid plastic bags /Plastic wrapped products. Carry your own bags for groceries and shopping and opt for paper bags instead.

4.     Stop buying bottled water.

5.     Avoid bottled drinks/juices

6.     Use LED lights instead of CFL bulbs.

7.     Use of Public Transportation.

8.     Give people a better experience by showing care, concern and love in action than better things or gifts.

9.     Use water wisely for the bodily needs. Avoid frequently washing clothes in order to reduce the wastage of water.

10.  Avoid buying too many things that are more than our needs

11.  Avoid wasting food, paper and things that can be preserved for future

12.  Going for new dialogue, new solidarity and new concern - Not using harmful words in our conversations, becoming aware of our vocabulary and shun any attitude of indifference.

13.  Never let your words be influenced by your mood.

14.  Say a word of appreciation to your family and to those around you.

15.  Notice the unnoticed – See a tree, a pot with a plant, some mud, a bird over there, look at it, observe, think of God’s purpose in these creations and make a good reflection on it.

16.  Implement rainwater harvesting; Use efficient taps to minimize the water flow.

17.  Think of our action/attitude/habits that are harming the mother earth:

ý Anger

ý Resentment

ý Hatred

ý Selfishness

ý Carelessness

ý Indifference

18.  Building up genuine relationship with creation and others.

19.  Creating an awareness among our workers on how to care for the nature and encouraging them to protect the nature (offering them a sapling)

20.  Keep your house and surrounding clean


§  Encourage everyone to grow a sapling at home and to photograph the growth of the sapling and share their joyful experience through a video/Photograph

§  Motivate the students to discover new innovative ways to protect the EARTH –

ü  Conduct a competition and the best video can be uploaded in social media/Whats App and be rewarded.

§  Frame a checklist based on the recommendations to care for common home with the above mentioned practical points that each of us and the Educating community members can carry out possibly at home. Make an evaluation at the end of each day by marking a tick over it in the particular day.




The Nation honours the Teachers who are called to be builders of the students’ society by celebrating Teachers’Day on the birthday of Dr Radhakrishnan, former President of India. Due to the pandemic of Coronavirus,  at 9.15 am all the staff gathered through online Google meet. The Management honoured the teaching and non-teaching staff of the colleges. Rev. Sr. Dr. Maria Pushpam the correspondent of the college has given the message on Teachers’day and appreciated their committed service towards our college. Then the second year students of B.Ed  college expressed their respect and joy to the teachers through various cultural events in online Google meet.


The Written Examination Time-Table for the final year (2018-2019 Batch - Second Year Papers Only) Examinations for B.Ed and Arrear Students (for 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 Batches – Second Year Papers Only) Degree Examinations, May/June 2020 has come from the Tamil Nadu Teacher Education University so we have forwarded to the students of the particular 2018-2020 batch in order to prepare for the Exam.



At.11am Sr. Arockia Malar Jothi gave a seminar to the second-year students of our B.Ed College on " To be a Good Teacher". She explained the qualities of a good teacher through power points. the students benefited to acquire and assimilate the qualities of a "Good Teacher". 



At. 11 am we conducted a meeting through online Google meet for the students of the 2018-2020 batch. All the Staff and the Students participated on time.  Dr. Maria Pushpam, the Secretory and the Principal of our College enlightened the minds of the students through Prayer and advised them to keep safe in the pandemic period and adapt ourselves to the signs of the times. Sr. Malarjothi gave the guidelines of the University online Exam. In order to write the Exam well, the college would conduct an online model exam so all the students are asked to write the exam and practice to scan the answer script to send through email. The timetable of the online Model Exam will be sent to the students through what's app and email.


Since our second-year students of the 2018-2020 Batch did not have the touch for the past 6 months. All the staff has done the Recapitulate of the Optional lessons for them.

15.09.2020 to 19.09.2020

Model Exam conducted to the second year 2018-2020 batch students

Time table ….



Tamil Nadu University asked the management to form the Examination Committee to conduct the online exam. so the following members are called as examination committee members. they would follow the students and guide them according to the norm of the university.





























The 2018-2020 batch year students came to the college and received their hall tickets and got the correction, the direction of their model exams in order to write their university exams well.


TAMIL NADU TEACHERS EDUCATION Online University Examination September 2020 started for the second year 2018-2020 batch students. Our 96 Second-year students and 5 arrear students are written the exam. The Management and the Staff prayed for the students to have good health in mind and body and in a special way to get the network facility to get the questions and scan the answer script to send to the college on time.


All the students are asked to type and send the following in the whats app; At. 9.00am – Name, Reg.No., Present, At. 9.30am - Question Received, At.01.00 pm (full course) / 11.30am (half course) - completed the Answer paper, at.01.00pm-2.00pm/ 11.30am-12.30pm - Sent the scanned answer script.

After receiving all the PDF of answer script of the students the management has to arrange the PDF file according to the Register no. and send the folder to the university through Google Drive. The copied link sent through email on that day itself.


The 2018-2020 Batch - II year students came to the college to hand over the university exam papers. After collecting the papers, the examination committee members arranged the papers according to the Register Number of each subject and packed and sealed for the evaluation.

Transfer Certificate:

A transfer certificate gave to the students of the 2018-2020 Batch. The students were very grateful to the management for their learning experience in these past years. They affirmed to be the good and best teachers in their future life.

29.09.2020 to 03.10.2020

The First Online Mid-Term Test started for the II Year students of 2019-2021 Batch. The following timetable was sent through what's app and email.

Time table -