Environmental Club:

Aim: To preserve and protect the natural resources of the mother Earth and to cultivate Eco-friendly attitude.

Action Plan – Taking care of the cleanliness of the campus and organizing Ecology day celebrations.

 Cultural Club:

Aim – To facilitate and develop the innate talents of the individuals by organizing cultural activities.

Action Plan – Organizing cultural programmes for various functions.

Social Service:

            Aim –To render service to the needy with love and understanding.

            Action Plan – Organizing social service camps and reaching out to the needy especially

in the local areas.


Media Club:

            Aim – To make the best use of media for educational purposes.

Action Plan – Conducting film analysis, screening documentaries, power-point presentations and the display of educational materials on board.

Human Rights Club:

Aim – To respect and safeguard the dignity, the honour, and the rights of every human being especially children and women.

Action Plan – Raising voices against any inhuman act and violation of the human rights that occur in society.